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Kreyol Spirits

Kreyol Spirits - THOUGHTS Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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THOUGHTS® Bourbon is crafted using time-honored techniques combined with ingenuity. We utilize smaller barrels to elevate the bourbon-making process — unlocking a symphony of flavors and aromas. The result is a remarkable transformation as the bourbon absorbs the wood's rich characteristics faster.

With every sip of THOUGHTS®, you'll experience a fusion of robust oak undertones and a delightful hint of caramel, with the smoothest finish in the business. Our bourbon is a testament to the artistry and dedication poured into every bottle.

Tasting notes

Notes of caramel and spiced maple on the noise. Sweet and buttery expressions with a smooth smooth finish.

Kreyol Spirits
750ml / NY
United States

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    THOUGHTS® Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    Our multi-award-winning straight bourbon whiskey is aged in smaller barrels to increase the proportion of interior barrel surface to stored volume, putting more wood into contact with the bourbon. It's proven to increase and accelerate the rate at which the bourbon absorbs characteristics from the wood, such as color, oak, and vanilla notes.

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    Kreyol Spirits

    Founded in February 2020, Kreyòl Spirits produces an award-winning straight bourbon whiskey called THOUGHTS®. Our flagship spirit embodies craftsmanship and innovation as it is aged in smaller barrels to intensify the interaction and accelerate the absorption of the characteristics of the wood. We also produce a premium RTD Manhattan cocktail called Concrete Thoughts®, a 50/50 Manhattan, a variation of the classic Manhattan cocktail whose ingredients are equal parts whiskey and sweet vermouth. This variation creates a balanced and slightly sweeter version of the drink compared to the traditional recipe.

    Product quality is rapidly becoming an important competitive issue. While most bourbon manufacturers like to talk about their brand's story, we want to focus on the main objective—taste. 

    We support our community by sponsoring events for organizations like Ayiti Community Trust, The Haitian Women's Collective, Cocktails for Haiti Fundraiser, and Judge Dweynie Esther Paul.


    The founder, who also serves as the company's Creative Director, has over 30 years of experience directing creative initiatives for companies like Kraft Foods, Godiva Chocolatier, MICROS, Oracle, and Canon. This experience led to the creation of the award-winning spirit called THOUGHTS®, The Spirit of Creativity®.

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