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Kreyol Spirits

Kreyol Spirits - CONCRETE THOUGHTS® - Premium Manhattan Cocktail

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Concrete Thoughts® is a bar-strength, premium Manhattan cocktail called Concrete Thoughts®. The dominant flavor in a Manhattan is the sweet vermouth. We source ours from Quady Winery, makers of Vya Sweet Vermouth, to combine with a quality 2-year bourbon and Angostura® Bitters. This combination gives Concrete Thoughts® its balanced, aromatic and rich flavor profile.

Chill. Pour. Enjoy.

Tasting notes

Prepared with a two-year bourbon, award-winning vermouth, and classic bitters. If you ever wondered what a proper Manhattan tastes like — this is it.

Kreyol Spirits
375ml / NY, 375ml / CA
United States
North Carolina

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    About Kreyol Spirits

    Founded amidst COVID, Kreyòl Spirits is a minority-owned small-batch bourbon brand. We produce an award-winning straight bourbon whiskey called THOUGHTS®. We also have a bar-strength, premium Manhattan cocktail called Concrete Thoughts®. 

    Product quality is rapidly becoming an important competitive issue. While most bourbon manufacturers like to talk about their brand's story, we want to focus on the main objective—taste. 

    We support our community by sponsoring events for organizations like Ayiti Community Trust, The Haitian Women's Collective, Cocktails for Haiti Fundraiser, and Judge Dweynie Esther Paul.


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    About the Owner

    The founder of Kreyòl Spirits has spent the last 30+ years directing creative initiatives for companies like Kraft Foods, Godiva Chocolatier, MICROS, Oracle, and Canon. Over those years, the idea of an alcohol brand called THOUGHTS emerged. That idea sat on the shelf for decades, almost forgotten until 2020, when the resources to manifest that dream started to present themselves. After some initial research, we partnered with a Colorado distillery whose aging process is nothing short of brilliant.


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